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Application of construction scaffolding

Feb. 11, 2020

The construction attachment lifting scaffold for building fastener construction is an auxiliary construction external scaffold that only needs to be set up at a certain height and attached to the high-rise and super high-rise engineering structures through the attachment supporting structure. It has anti overturning and anti falling devices, and it can climb layer by layer along with the construction of Engineering structure until the structure is capped by relying on its own lifting equipment and devices, and then it can realize layer by layer descent to meet the requirements of external wall decoration It can meet the needs of construction technology and safety protection when workers operate outside the building in the construction stage of structure construction, installation construction, decoration construction, etc. It was developed in the late 1980s and early 1990s on the basis of scaffolding, which is a new type of scaffolding suitable for the construction of high-rise buildings, especially super high-rise buildings.

According to the climbing mode of the scaffold, the attached lifting scaffold can be divided into the following categories: mutual climbing attached lifting scaffold, casing attached lifting scaffold, cantilever attached lifting scaffold, guide rail attached lifting scaffold, guide seat attached lifting scaffold and their combined application, etc. According to the way of scaffold assembly, the attached lifting scaffold can be divided into the following categories: single attached lifting scaffold, multi attached lifting scaffold and integral attached lifting scaffold. According to the lifting equipment of scaffolds, the attached lifting scaffolds can be divided into the following categories: chain hoist attached lifting scaffolds, chain electric hoist attached lifting scaffolds, elevator attached lifting scaffolds, winch attached lifting scaffolds and hydraulic attached lifting scaffolds.

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