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Application of steel support

Jan. 15, 2020

Steel supports have been widely used in the construction industry. They are a kind of pillars made of steel materials, which are combined to form a structural frame and serve as a foundation.
Support role. In order to strengthen the stability and make it difficult to break the support, the use of thick steel bars is the best choice. The specific application in the construction industry is
1. Building construction
The first priority in building construction is to lay the foundation. What is the foundation used to support? Of course, choose a steel support pull. Tall buildings need to be stable and strong
In solid areas, steel materials can definitely create a hard foundation and can withstand heavy weight.
2. Subway tunnel support
Underground tunnels always need to support the shape of the oil, or they will collapse at any time. In subway construction, support the soil wall with steel support, so that
Construction personnel perform safe work.
3. Construction outside the building
For high-rise buildings, support or elevators are required for external construction. Of course, steel supports can also be used to protect the buildings and allow construction
It is not easy to accidentally drop the tool from time to time.

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