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The Application Of Scaffolding Couplers

Feb. 05, 2020

The correct use of couplers is conducive to extending the life of the couplers, and the correct use is as follows:

1. The construction plan of coupler-type steel pipe formwork bracket must be prepared before construction, and a more strict and thorough construction plan should be formulated. If the plan is not formulated well, some unexpected events may occur during construction.

2. The appearance quality requirements of couplers. Frequently check the appearance quality of couplers. If there are cracks, deformations or bolts with sliding wires, it is strictly prohibited to use them; to prevent construction failures and accidents when using these unqualified couplers.

3. The steel pipes and couplers used for the installation of the coupler-type template bracket must be sampled before use to check whether the quality and appearance of the steel pipes and couplers meet the standards. Sampling testing shall not be used without testing or failing testing.

4. Regarding the bearing capacity of the couplers, the construction load on the working layer should meet the design requirements. It should not be overloaded. It must carry a certain weight. The scaffold must not be connected to the formwork bracket. When connecting, certain treatment must be performed to ensure the reasonable load of the coupler weight.

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